A Word

Life has been pretty insane of late, which partially explains the lack of updates here. Apologies for that! We sure have been up to a lot lately, but there really hasn't been a lot of time between sleeps to post. I plan, however, on finally working through the hundreds (perhaps a couple thousand) of photos over the next little while here, as well as posting about our adventures while my parents were here. In brief, Diane graciously showed my folks around Dublin and its neighbouring attractions during the weekdays while I was at work. On the weekends, we did several trips -- one out to the west coast, one to the north coast, and a shorter trip to see a few castles and other landmarks. Then, this past weekend, we traveled with my mom (my dad had returned to Canada two weeks prior) to Brighton, England to meet some friends of hers and see some more things!

So in the coming weeks, I will work on recounting our recent adventures to you before I forget all the fun stories.