Year Under Review (Diane)

You’ll notice that Morgan’s end-of-’07 post falls neatly on January 1, while my post gets twice the 1’s. Nevertheless, my sweetheart has decreed that there shall be a year-in-review post from our separate perspectives. As a loving companion, I have so far indulged him by ooh-ing and ah-ing over his very fine example, including, but not limited to, utterances of,

“Oh, yeah! Kimberley! That was awesome!”

“Hey, you got a master’s?” (Heh, heh.)

“Aww, the family reunions – they seem so far away.”

“Oh right, I guess we got engaged last year.” (I took some flack over that one, but I’m pleased to be able to report I took it graciously ;-) Seriously though, it was a pretty great birthday, right up there with bowling parties and wiener roasts of old. Good food, good wine, good company…pretty ring :)

Hmm, 2007… I remember spending a little time in hospitals this holiday season and last. I had some dear friends and loved ones in a fair amount of pain. It was pretty sucky for some of my homeys. You people know who you are, and I’m sure you remember how truly “special” those times were. I’m happy you’re on the mend!

I seem to remember changing contracts at work and slowly taking a hand in a few newer projects that are pretty exciting. I have my own way of putting everything, and it’s been a lot of fun puttering about the lab with Mohan, who doesn’t seem to mind my experimentation. It’s great to work with these good folks on the brink of retirement, but I am anxious over the loss of wisdom and expertise and legacy and heritage that must come with the newer, younger culture that we’ll make then. I hope that I can somehow be around to hear the stories and tell them again. This has been a real year of growing to appreciate how important stories are to culture and to individuals – particularly in the department and at home with my family.


Also, getting away to post-man-machine match Vancouver was wonderful – I’m really happy I took those days off. Everybody should get a holiday like that now and again. I believe I should visit again soon. Like, before the games come to town. Not poker, the other games…

Speaking of Vancouver, Shelly and I took that trip to Bamfield, the same trip my mother took more than ten years before me. Everyone should get to ride the ferry ‘Lady Rose’, and the little rainbow harbour ferry too. There was Shelly and Jeff’s trip to South Africa and Eric’s trip to Zambia and all the cool pictures of Victoria Falls. Not to mention the tales of Carolyn’s adventures in London with Eric, plus France, Italy, Greece, and Megan’s trip to Ireland. Dan went to India, and I find it funny that Canada has seen a mere 140 years since confederation, and it’s only been 50 years since India’s independence. India’s so old though!

Hmm, what else? Dan loaned me his guitar while he went home for Christmas – it was very kind of him – my fingers are soft as a baby’s bottom and I forget everything I ever learned, which wasn’t much to begin with. My keyboard sits untouched and my sundress is half cut out on my table. How I thought I was going to make bridesmaids dresses and a few for myself I’ll never know. I have, however, managed to catch every episode of Heroes, some of The Office, Amazing Race, and the odd Oilers game. There really needs to be more cool, creative, person-building stuff in my life. I think I'd like to make it home to my folks' place a little more too.

My “Christmas Loot” post is still waiting in the wings. I totally want to show off my holiday haul, but I need to take pictures of some of the nifty gifties for completeness, so give me another few for that.

There were a few very enjoyable concerts, and lots of very well-enjoyed dinners and get-togethers with Morgan’s charming friends, who have become mine as well. If there had to be one thing I enjoyed spending time doing in '07 it would have to be that.