Tux Shopping

On Saturday, the bulk of the wedding party gathered at the big mall (read: west ed) to spend some time shopping for wedding apparel. We wandered a bit, and eventually us guys found tip top where we gathered looking at the selection of tuxes that were available. It took me quite awhile to come up with a choice. I'm not too good at this sort of thing -- you might know that I'm not exactly fashion conscious, so many of the options looked the same to me. Maybe they were! Anyways, it took awhile, but we selected our options and showed the girls our selections. It seems they were okay so we've got another things checked off that list. Diane and the girls spent a fair amount of time looking at different dress options. It sounds like Diane's found some fabric to use to make the bridesmaid's dresses, so that's exciting.

The next big thing on the plate is wedding band shopping. I'm not really looking forward to this, although I am kind of excited about getting the bands. The trouble is that I've never been in a jewelry store that has made me feel comfortable. They are very careful about only revealing prices to you when you ask. There's very little window shopping you can do besides "ooh, that looks pretty". Ugh. Anyways, any suggestions on where to go? We're looking for some pretty simple white-gold wedding bands. Diane will probably want one that'll go well with her engagement ring.