I've been working on the site for a little while. The beauty of using a content management package like wordpress is you can put together a pretty impressive looking site in pretty short order. I've installed a plugin that lets us upload photos and present them in a pretty slick way. If you head to the Pictures page, you can check out a selection of our engagement photos. I'll try and upload some more photos in the next little while as well. Once the DNS has updated, you should be able to access the website using This should happen later on tonight I hope. I also added a little countdown timer to the sidebar in anticipation of the big day!

Do you like the design? Please leave us some comments if you see something wonky or that doesn't look good. We tweaked a publicly available theme with one of my photos to get this and changed the colour scheme so there are probably some weird fragments we haven't spotted yet. Also, we'd appreciate any suggestions you'd have for content we can add to the site. Photos are obvious, and we plan on keeping people informed about the wedding plans, but if you have any other ideas we'd love to hear them!

Also, if you've got a blog that I didn't put down in the blogroll on the right, it wasn't a concious error. Please help me correct it!