Morgan & Diane's anagramtastic new site

Welcome to the fancy new addition to Morgan's workload :) I mean, our website for us as we begin our life together, to which I will regularly contribute... every once in a while. Isn't it pretty? We stole the template from the trove of Wordpress goodness, of course, but the background is a scene that Morgan took with his little Powershot (which has since fallen to me) while en route to Vancouver for Jazmine and Ryan's wedding oh so long ago.

The title is an anagram of our first names. We were having trouble generating a clever name for our page, so we found a number of anagramifying engines that returned things like amino garden, a daring omen, neon diagram, etc. If we ever have a band, we can call it mandarin ego. Maybe if we get rock band?

Anywho, Morgan dreams that someday the site will be a thriving forum for pictures, links, and blog entries that will help us keep in touch with our family and friends. And who knows? I may even see the day I make another post!

But first, the playing with colours and fonts!