NHL Playoff Predictor 2014 Stanley Cup Finals

Well we're at the finals now! Let's check how the simulator did:

Eastern Conference

Montreal 0.432 0.161
NY_Rangers 0.568 0.250

Western Conference

Chicago0.525 0.318
Los_Angeles0.475 0.271

1/2, a solid 50%. That leaves us at a record of 6/14, and guaranteed to get less than 50% of the predictions right. This is the worst performance of the simulator, but lets just point out that a lot of the favourites lost this year, and of course these are all weighted coinflips.

From the series themselves, the Blackhawks made it a series and almost pulled out a win in what looked like a pretty exciting game 7. In the East, the Rangers look like they outclassed the Canadiens, but I'd say that losing Carey Price was a pretty big blow no matter how well Tokarski played for him.

Anyway, what does the Stanley cup final look like?

Stanley Cup Final

NY_Rangers 0.455

I don't think anyone will be surprised that the Kings are the favourites. But the teams are pretty darned close - they are very similar in goal differential, and as a result I wouldn't be surprised to see this series go 6 or 7 games and for the Rangers to have a real shot.

Should be interesting, anyway!