NHL Playoff Predictor 2014 Round 3

Sorry this post is late. I've been moving house so in the chaos of that I couldn't get this post done in time for the start of round 3. Let's see how we did in the 2nd round:

Atlantic Division

Boston 0.800 0.577 0.400
Montreal 0.200 0.079 0.029

Metropolitan Division

Pittsburgh 0.563 0.206 0.102
NY_Rangers 0.437 0.138 0.060

Central Division

Chicago0.690 0.331 0.136
Minnesota0.310 0.095 0.024

Pacific Division

Anaheim0.572 0.347 0.160
Los_Angeles0.428 0.227 0.090

The favourites went down in 3/4 of the matches, which leaves our simulator at 5/12. Not doing well this year, but keep in mind that this is going to happen with what amounts to coin flipping. Montreal coming out on top was the biggest upset - I didn't watch very much of the series, but it kind of looked like a lot of that was Carey Price just shutting the door. Chicago was the other clear favourite, and they had some trouble with Minnesota it looked like but managed to finish it off anyway.

Let's set up round 3. I know the result of the first game of Montreal vs NY, but the simulator didn't have that recorded. So here is its predictions for the 3rd round:

Eastern Conference

Montreal 0.432 0.161
NY_Rangers 0.568 0.250

Western Conference

Chicago0.525 0.318
Los_Angeles0.475 0.271

Yay, coinflipping! These two series are pretty close, but NY has the slight edge which will contradict some of the odds since Montreal technically finished higher. Chicago is ahead of LA by a narrow margin. Should be interesting to see what happens from here!