3-0 Baby!

I've been playing floor hockey with the CS team again this year. This year we've got a pretty competitive looking team. Several new additions to the team mean we've got some serious firepower on the floor almost every shift, and the players that don't have that firepower are good solid players. So with last night's 10-1 win capping off the 3 game round robin, we're on top of the division for the first time since I joined the team several years ago. Woohoo! It's a lot of fun to play and have a shot to win. I haven't often been on a team that has had a competitive shot to win.

In related news, it looks like I might be able to join a floor hockey team in the Edmonton ball hockey league. I've been looking for a league to play in for a long time, so I'm pretty excited about getting a chance to play finally. The short intramural season was just not enough time to play floor hockey each semester.