The Prep Day

IE: Vancouver, Day 2. Today was preparation day. I woke up without aid of my alarm at about 8:00 local time, and went and checked my email. The poker event that we're doing has been picked up by some major news sources including the Associated Press New York, and Weeeee!

Tomorrow's the big day, so we needed to get stuff setup. Darse, Alexandra and I went and got breakfast at a place below us that served some decent omelets with some huge crossiants on the side. Sweeet. We wandered over to the hotel where we met with Phil Laak -- he seems pretty distractable in person ... pretty much like on TV. It's pretty cool to meet someone you've seen on TV several times and never expected to meet. This is about as close as I want to get to fame -- I'm not really looking to be famous :P

Apple lent us 6 laptops so we picked them up from the hotel and went to go get them setup. Unfortunately, setting them up was quite a pain, and we didn't get away for lunch due to the room prep and the laptop setups. The press conference was at 1:00. We didn't get a huge turnout, but BBC had a radio crew there and there was a set of people from other news sources. We expect more media to show up during the event. We'll have to see how that turns out!

After the press conference we had a player's meeting in which we met up with Phil and Ali to discuss the rules and things to make the players comfortable. We want them to be treated well since they're doing us a pretty big favour here. Everything went smoothly. Both Phil and Ali are very agreeable and I'm looking forward to seeing them in action tomorrow. I'll probably learn a few things!

After the player's meeting we continued making room arrangements. A few of us split for a late lunch at an express noodle place. It wasn't too bad -- a bit too oily on a couple dishes for my liking, but the food was alright.

We returned to the room to continue setup. It went well, but there's a lot of stuff to do. We also needed to get the system up and running in order to test everything out. Hopefully everything works as advertised! Fairly late we found a problem with the power supply to the room. Apparently we were all hooked up to one outlet! That'd be 5 or 6 laptops and two huge projectors along with a camcorder. Yup, that's not good. It looks like we've got the power sorted out now. Tomorrow we'll have to double check the setup and see how things go.

We went as a huge UofA group to dinner at Earls. I didn't really like the choice -- we're in Vancouver for goodness sake! Josh from our group used to work at Earls though and he suggested a pretty good drink: A Keith's Iceberg. It's a Keith's India pale ale with some lime margarita mix in the top. It pretty much makes the Keith's taste like strongbow which was pretty cool.

After dinner I bought some plastic poker chips to play some poker with my colleagues. There was a lot of action hands ... and it appeared that people played pretty well even with no money on the line. I played really well (and also got really lucky, hitting some good cards). Then I lost a key hand where I flopped a set of 2s, but the guy who pushed into me had an open ended straight draw and a flush draw. His straight hit on the turn, and his bigger straight/flush card came on the river. No love for me. That crippled me, though I doubled up on the next hand with 33. Unfortunately I lost my stack on the next hand when I flopped top pair of 7s only to lose to Neil's better kicker. Oops.

So now I'm back at the hotel trying to get my photos from today uploaded to my laptop so I have a clean memory card when I go in tomorrow. I need a clean memory card since tomorrow I'll likely fill my card with photos!

Anyways. That's day 2. Tomorrow is the first 2 session of the man-machine poker match!!!!