Updates from Vegas

Polaris Wins! Our computer poker program took on some of the best poker pros and came out on top!

Sorry for the lack of updates here. If you haven't figured out, my travel blog has moved over to minoragenda, so if you want to read about our adventures in detail, please head on over there. I forgot to post a message like this earlier, so sorry about not letting you know.

I have a big todo list of stuff and not much time to do it. I want to get around to posting photos and post poker reports for the couple of live sessions I've managed to squeeze in. But that will have to wait for a little while.

Hope all is well with you!



I'm starting to go a tad crazy I think. This week has been insanely busy. It seems like I keep getting things piled on me. Work has been exceptionally busy as we madly prepare for the upcoming man-machine poker match. I've had a pile of fairly little tasks to do along with a couple of larger tasks. There's a huge list of directions we want to go before the competition happens, and we're going to be madly trying many of them right up until the competitions. This week my Mac Pro arrived, so I've been pretty distracted by setting it up. It's taking me a surprisingly long time to set it up. There's a lot of things that go into my computer environment that I need to get just so. That, and copying large numbers of files to and from my drobo takes a little longer than I'd like it to.

The wedding planning continues at a relatively slow pace. We've got a lot of the things that we need checked off the list, but there's still lots of things to do. It's hard to believe that it's only (less than) a month away!

Last night I finally caught up uploading photos to Flickr. That took entirely too long, but now I've got over a thousand photos up on my flirckr account. Pretty sweet to break that milestone.

Today I stayed home working and waiting for a package that contains some additional RAM sticks to put in my Mac Pro. Unfortunately, they haven't yet arrived and I need to go join Diane for dinner at one of her coworker's place. I don't understand how UPS scheduling works -- I saw one of their trucks stop at the building across the street, and my package had arrived in Edmonton yesterday morning. Why wasn't my package on the truck that came that close to my place?

It seems every so often UPS just doesn't work well for me. I was so happy to see that my RAM was scheduled to arrive today, but now it looks like it'll be Monday or Tuesday before I get it. *sigh*.

Anyways, sorry for the haphazard-ish update. I've got to get going pretty soon here.


In Ireland

I've got a bunch to say, but it might have to wait for after we get home. It's been pretty busy - we've been wined and dined and I spent a bunch of time at the office chatting with people. It has gone really well so far, but I'll wait until I get home until I talk about it a bit more. For a sneak peak, you can check out my flickr stream for a few photos I took when we got here. Just figured I'd weigh in and say that we're here safely and are enjoying ourselves (aside from the jetlag).


Week of Busy

It's been pretty busy the past few days. In the evenings after work I spent a large amount of time uploading backlogged photos to Flickr. I've gotten pretty far into my backlog, and I've almost got caught up to the point where I can start to post new photos again (and I've got a few to upload already). I've been forced to change my focus though. Diane and I are headed to Ireland next week so I can meet some people at Full Tilt and hopefully get myself a job. I've been thinking for awhile what I could do for a demo if such a thing were called for. I was fast running out of time to make something brand new since that would take a lot of effot over a very short time period. Plus I didn't really have any good ideas for stuff to do.

I remembered though that I had my lose-checkers program from my search course a couple years ago. So I've resurrected that, and my little demo program is one that utilizes sockets to play one program against another. It's not all that flashy, but it was a really good review of socket programming for me. I've got the basic code working and will be testing it and adding a few features over the next couple days before we leave on tuesday night for Ireland.

I'm getting pretty excited about the trip. I don't know what to expect, but it should be cool to see Dublin and meet some people working in a field that I'd like to be a part of.

Wish me luck!


Changing Paradigms

I've let this blog sit around a little more than I would've liked. I'm trying to figure out how I should manage my online identity -- I have too many accounts at too many sites, and I want to see if I can simplify my online existence a little bit. One of my biggest issues has been how to handle the photos I share with the world. Up to this point, I've been using my Flickr gallery as a photoblog - usually posting one photo a day. There's some good reasons to do that - I get to share the absolute best photos I take at a relatively leisurely rate. That, and people can view my stream of photos as I post them without having to spend a lot of time sifting through a giant pile of photos if I posted them all at once.

There are downsides though. Sometimes I want to share photos that I've just taken, but there's a large backlog of photos from other recent photo shoots. So either I break chronological order, or I post them in order and the new photo gets shared weeks or months after I originally took it. Or, sometimes I'd like to link to a photo to a blog post that I'm making, but I haven't posted it yet. So I can either post it somewhere else first and then fix the link later once I post it, or I just post it out of order. Not pretty.

What I've decided to do is to use my Flickr account in a more conventional way -- post photos I shoot en masse and not worrying quite as much about keeping the quality of the stream as top notch as I have been. From there I can select my favorite photos and publish them on my blog. This has the added advantage that I can post "into the future", which means I can do a batch of photoblog posts and people reading my feed will get a photo a day.

This also means I can refine how I post photos to minoragenda.com. Instead of relying on yet another service to post albums of photos I take, I can use the Slickr plugin to wordpress to show off Flickr photosets in a nice fashion. This solves a bunch of problems I was trying to solve in a pretty nice way.

I'm going to be spending the next couple of days back-posting all my flickr photos. If you're subscribed to my RSS feed, you might see some odd artifacts of this while I'm doing it. Sorry about that, I'm not too sure if there's a way to avoid this problem.