Entirely Too Hot

Ugh. Well, Edmonton is sizzlingly hot. Yup, we're in the middle of a crazy hot spell. The forecast for the entire week doesn't dip below 30 degrees. As I type this at ten minutes to ten o'clock, it is *still* 30 degrees outside. Thank goodness I've got an air conditioner in my condo. It's making it relatively livable in my place. In other news, if you haven't already, you should totally check out the Shakespeare in the park show "Two Gentlemen of Verona". It's amazing! This is the first time the Shakespeare in the park people have put together a musical version of one of Shakespeare's plays. It is hilarious, and entertaining, and the actors are incredibly talented. So if you're in the city, you should go check it out. I'm tempted to go again before I leave for Vancouver, it was that good.

Stay cool! Heraldk