Poker Bankroll Updated

I haven't been playing nearly as much as I used to, but I have played a couple of PSO promos since the neteller fiasco. Just before neteller closed its doors to Canadians for online gambling transactions, I cashed out all of my money from online poker rooms. Since that time, I've done the new PSO promotions for Pokerstars and Gnuf poker, each worth a $120 bonus from PSO. The Pokerstars one was okay, I lost about $40 at the tables, but since the Pokerstars deposit bonus was $50, I ended up ahead at the site so the PSO bonus was pure profit on top of that. Gnuf poker was pretty interesting. I deposited $500 to max out the deposit bonus only to discover that points are extremely hard to accumulate. It took me almost a month and a half to get through the PSO required 400 points, and the $500 bonus required more than 3000 more points. Screw that. But I did very well at the tables scoring more than $600. Add that to my PSO bonus of $120 and I was quite happy with that outcome. There's been a little bit of nervousness on my part as I tried to get my money out. They finally added another cashout option that looks like it'll work for me, so hopefully everything will all be sorted out soon.

My poker bankroll page has been updated to reflect my latest winnings.

So I'm pretty happy with the last couple of months. I might get into poker a little more once the man-machine match is over and done with. Until then, I think I'll be pretty busy!