A Weekend of Fun

This was a pretty packed weekend. On Friday, a group of us went over to Mike's parent's place which Mike is house-sitting at. We played some games and pool and stayed out pretty late. On Saturday, my family got all dressed up to go do a portrait photo which my mom won at a fashion show she went to in St Albert. We were *going* to buy prints for us and my grandparents and our other relatives. However, we were shocked to see that the price was $80 for a single 5x7 print?!!!! That's highway robbery! Diane and I had thought we would try and get some photos with just the two of us, but the prices were simply not reasonable enough for us to try that. We'll have to find somewhere else to go for that. So we went and got our one free 5x7 print and we'll have to look at other options for portraits. *sigh*. On Sunday was Nolan's 1/4 century Birthday party. It was a pretty good party and I got a tad liquored up. We had fun! Today, Diane and I joined her family for an afternoon picnic at Emily Murphy Park near the university. Afterwards, Diane and I took a leisurely stroll down the river valley and across the bridge walking eventually to Corona station where we took the train back to my place to watch the season finale of Heroes.

*whew*. Busy weekend huh?