Run Run Run

Last night was crazy. I had two campus rec intramural playoff games, one Volleyball and one floor hockey which were at almost overlapping times. I decided to play the volleyball one because if we won, then we'd make the final which was the same night. So I went there and we lost really fast. It was 8:00 - about the time our floor hockey game was to start. So I ran over to the bus stop and saw that the bus to get over there was there! I hopped on, and got to the gym to find my team down a goal with 3 minutes or so left. I grab a guy's stick and play the remaining two minutes straight -- unfortunately we couldn't tie the game up. *sigh*.

So then I go home and sit down at my computer where I code a script that will help the development of the poker bot I'm working on ... and don't finish that until 3 in the morning. I'm TIRED.

So if you'll excuse me, maybe I'll go take a nap. Heraldk