I got fairly late Sunday night from the annual department ski trip to Jasper. As usual, it was a ton of fun. Diane and I joined many of our friends for two days on the slopes of Marmot Basin. We had some absolutely gorgeous weather for skiing -- just a couple degrees below zero with sunny skies. I'm not all that great a skier, but I definitely took my shot at some of the tougher runs (read: blacks not double blacks). I think I'm going to have to take some lessons some day soon to try and figure out how to ski better and not stress my knees too much. Since I'm largely self-taught (apart from some early lessons in elementary school), I can't say I have any good technique! On the last run of the day on Sunday, I grabbed my camera and went up to the top of the hill to go snap some photos from the knob and eagle ridge. I got some photos that turned out pretty well, so you'll be seeing them hit my photoblog soon.


Now that I'm done my MSc, I'll be looking for a job soon ... but first I've been hired on for a few months by my supervisor to work on more poker stuff. I'm really excited about this work ... I think it has a lot of exciting potential and can't wait to get started!