The Parent Visit pt IV: Trim Castle and Hill of Tara

Green StoneWoohoo! Finally catching up! This was the final weekend in Ireland for my mom. The following weekend we would be spending in England before she headed home. My dad had already headed home to return to work earlier in the week. Castle ModelsIt had been a pretty busy month of touristy stuff, so instead of going crazy and hitting the road for a third straight full weekend of tourist stuff, we decided to just go out for the Saturday and take it easy on the Sunday. So we headed out fairly close by to Dublin to see Trim castle, following that up with the nearby Hill of Tara.

Trim GroundsTrim Castle is a tall imposing structure. It had been overgrown for quite some time before being reclaimed and restored. Seeing the keep itself was by guided tour only, and fortunately for us the next tour was starting just as we arrived. So we got shown around the castle. Due to its lengthy time being overgrown, the walls of the castle are stained green from the moss and other plants growing on the walls. It makes for quite an interesting green glow inside the castle.

On the main floor of the castle, the people who restored the castle also put up three small models of the castle at three different points in its history. They were actually really cool to see how the castle changed over history. After our tour, we walked around the grounds of the castle, enjoying the beautiful sunny weather.

The Stone of DestinyOur next destination was the Hill of Tara -- not too far away from Trim Castle. Unlike a lot of the tourist attractions we've been to, the Hill of Tara is pretty unassuming. At least in comparison to all the fancy castles and amazing natural wonders we'd seen over the past few weeks. Still, the hill had a certain quiet grandeur that I couldn't quite place. There's a lot of history there -- the hill had been used thousands of years ago as a place to crown kings, and as a burial site as well.

Hill of TaraThe fields are quiet and calm, with sheep grazing on the grass. You kinda have to watch your step as you walk around the fields and on the hill itself -- the sheep have definitely been all over that field! There are actually quite a few hilled rings all over the place there, although the biggest ones are in the middle of the field where the "stone of destiny" is.

It was a nice peaceful walk around the area. Unfortunately, photos on the hills themselves were really hard to get. Any sort of sloped terrain is something that is notoriously hard to photograph without looking just like slightly rolly hills. Oh well - it was still quite pretty.

So it was a pretty nice relaxing day and we headed back fairly early to go continue relaxing at home. Up next! We head to England to visit some of my mom's friends from quite a few years back, and walk around the beautiful Sissinghurst gardens.