Busy at Work, Election, Games

This past week was insanely busy. At work, I had a project that needed some help to get it all the way to completion, and it needed to be done by Friday. So I worked pretty hard this week trying to get it all done. As a result, there wasn't all that much free time to do much else than go home and laze around on the couch a bit before going to bed. But we did get out a little. On Tuesday night, a bunch of the American employees went out to a bar to watch the election results come in. It had been a stressful day at work, and I thought it'd be a good idea to get out of the house and de-stress a little over a beer or two. So Diane and I joined the party around 11:00pm and hung out with what turned out to be quite a few people! The group of us maxed out at about 25 people or so all with varying interest in the actual live results coming in. After awhile, a game of Chinese poker broke out -- a game that I've had a little bit of interest in lately. I joined in, and we ended up playing until 2am!

Thursday nights at the office are geeky board game nights, so I stayed late at the office to play some games. This week, one of the guys had just got back from the States with a pile of games eight or so boxes high -- many of which I had never seen before. We played Ticket to Ride Germany, the tutorial for Galaxy Trucker (a game I don't think I'll really like in full, but it's kinda neat), and Wizard (a game that looks like it has got some major interest). Dave also explained the rules of a couple of his new games.

It has been a busy week, and in some ways I'm glad it's done. Not that it'll get any less busy at work. I've got some bugs to fix and I gotta get back to working a project that won't be released until January, but needs a fair amount of work to get it finished. But even with how busy I've been, we're still making time to do some fun stuff!