I tried to get a blog post written here a few days ago, but I had to restart my computer, and while I though I had saved the draft post I had written, it appears to have disappeared. Whoops! So here's a quick update of what's transpired in the past little while.

  • Our stuff arrived! Earlier this week, a truck pulled up at our place and delivered a pile of boxes that we had shipped from Canada. Some things we were missing a lot were our box of board games, the kitchen knives we got as wedding presents, and my computer. We haven't really gotten unpacked yet, but that should happen in the next few weeks.
  • Last Saturday, we attended an end-of-the-world themed party. Aaron and Christine threw a really great party at their place. The original theme was based on the LHC warming up to create mini black holes, but it seems it was mistimed for that purpose as the LHC ran into trouble last week delaying the end of the world.
  • Darse and Xan are moving, so Diane and I have been helping them a bit with the move. Truth be told, Diane's been much more helpful than I. All I did was help Darse with a couple of large heavy items.
  • Work has been progressing well. I'm slowly getting more comfortable with parts of the codebase, although it's going to take awhile to get fully immersed. It's been fun so far, and quite a challenge, but I feel it's been pretty rewarding and I'm pretty excited about a couple of the coming projects I've got to work on.
  • The weather here has been gorgeous the past few days. Lots of clear sky and sunshine. It's starting to cool off at nights though -- down to 5 degrees celcius or so at nights.

That's all I can think of for now. It feels like we've been busier than that.

I hope everyone back home is doing well!