Day 8 in Vegas and Moving to San Diego

Alright, so we're settled into a hotel in San Diego so I figure I'll get myself caught up on our latest couple of days. After sleeping in, Diane and I joined the rest of the group for the buffet for a second straight day (note to self ... gotta eat a bit healthier here!). We ate our fill and then formulated a plan for the day. There was a few things on our list of things to go do, so we perused it and ended up heading to the south end of the strip to check out some of the hotels down there. We stopped at New York, New York to ride the rollercoaster which was a lot of fun. Not only did it have a loop in it, it had a weird twist upside down and turn which was something I haven't experienced. It was pretty wild.

After getting off the ride, we wandered down towards Mandalay Bay having heard about an aquarium there. On the way there we walked through Excalibur (medieval themed casino -- a big castle), Luxor (a big pyramid and egyptian themed casino), and then on to Mandalay Bay. There was indeed an aquarium, but it cost a bit more than most of us wanted to pay. Kevin and Johnny went in though and the rest of us headed back to the hotel to look into show tickets for that night.

With our flamingo hotel rooms we got 2 for 1 show ticket coupons. Of the shows we were allowed to use the coupon for, the improv one looked the most appealing so we went to go see that. It was a fun show, although for the first bit I was underwhelmed by the performances. Then a third guy came on and totally took off with it. He did a real good job playing off the audience and made the show worth it. I was glad about that since we payed like $10 for our drinks. Maybe I should've asked how much the drinks were there before I ordered one.

After the show we wandered back for some $1 margaritas at the casino next to the flamingo. Those were surprisingly good! After that, the other guys were planning on heading out to some nightclubs, but Diane and I decided to head to bed since we needed to get up early to catch our plane the next day.

The next morning we got up at 6:00, packed ourselves up and headed to the airport. We got a bit of a scare when we got there to check in. The guy told us we'd better run for it or we might not make our plane. We had less than 45 minutes to departure, but we didn't have any trouble getting to the plane on time to board.

We had a really silly flight to San Diego through Salt Lake City. That's right. You can draw a line from Salt Lake City through Vegas to San Diego! So we had two short flights to get to San Diego, but it wasn't too bad. We touched down into San Diego around noon. My first impression of San Diego? Blessedly cool! After 40+ degree heat in Vegas, we descended into a beautifully cool 24 degrees or so.

We caught a cab to our hotel which was a short cab ride from the airport. After settling in, we wandered down the bay to check out some of the places we could see. There was a fair amount of touristy things to see down there and the area is really quite pretty. So we wandered around for awhile, had some dinner and then went back to our hotel to crash since we were rather tired.

So I'm about to head for bed, but I wanted to get caught up here so I could post one post about the zoo tomorrow when we get back, and then hop on the cruise ship on Saturday!