Day 4: A Win! and Fremont Street

Alright, so today is the last morning where I get up early after staying up until 2am (or later). It's been a rough few days staying up late to either work or enjoy something about Vegas so I'm starting to crash pretty hard. But! Today is the last match day, so adrenaline alone will probably keep me moving. Either that, or I'll fall asleep on my feet somewhere at random. That'll be fun! Alright, so yesterday started a lot like all our other days. We got up around 8, and got ourselves setup for the next match. This time around, we were playing Mark Newhouse and IJay Palansky. IJay got the hotel room gig so he was sent up there pretty early and got started while Mark would start a bit later on. We were getting old hands at this so the setup didn't take too long and soon we were up and running. The response to our booth has been pretty good. We haven't had too many watchers that just stand and watch all day, but that's understandable since no one really wants to stand all day. But there's been a lot of interest from a lot of different people.

So anyways, this session's cards were extremely tilted in favour of the downstairs seat for the humans. Mark got totally hit in the head with the deck. It was actually quite gross to watch. Mark kept hitting straights, flushes, full houses, two pairs ... all kinds of good luck. Fortunately for us, Polaris was getting those same cards upstairs ... and this time the swing went our way. We ended up 56 small bets and won the match to tie up the series 2-2-1. This sets up the stage to play the all important tie breaking match -- and we're doing it against Hoss_TBF ... one of the best in the world. This will be a fascinating match to watch. Stay tuned to the webpage for live updates!

After the match was over, we hung around and chatted with people until the expo closed at which point we needed to find some dinner. Eventually, after not successfully getting into the Japanese restaurant, we ended up at the "World Buffet". It was ... amazing. I've never seen so much variety of food in my life. You could get just about anything there ... and most of it was *very* good. The place was just enormous. The seating area alone took a couple of minutes to cross unless you were moving very fast, and the entire back wall was food. So I overate there -- there was so many different foods to try!

After dining, Darse, Alexandra, Diane, and I all headed downtown to check out old Las Vegas -- Fremont street. We took a cab down there and my first impression when I got out of the cab was "woah ... it's like day out here". It was brighter there than NYC's Times Square, and that's saying something. There was just a huge number of lights -- white, blue, red, orange, ... it was all very overwhelming. Fremont street is covered by a large ceiling which is covered in lightbulbs. Once an hour, they show a big lightshow with music which is pretty neat. We got there in time for the 11pm show and were treated to a pretty neat show with American Pie as the music. Pretty fun.

After the show, we wandered through Binions casino to see where the world series of poker started and then wandered into the Golden Nugget. It's neat that each casino we stopped at had a slightly different theme going. We stuck around to try and catch the midnight light show only to be very disappointed in the American pride show that ended up going through. So we kind of took off before that finished and found ourselves a little microbrewery in Four Queens casino to enjoy. I had a brown beer that was quite tasty, and Diane tried the rootbeer which was delicious.

We got back to the hotel pretty late to find several of the team members still up and discussing today's match. There's lots of stuff to think about going into the last match -- what's our strategy? So apparently we had missed some good discussion.

So that's yesterday's adventures. One last day to go of the expo and man-machine poker matches. It'll really be interesting to see how things go for us. I would very much like to beat up Hoss.