In Vegas, Baby!

It's been an awfully long time since I wrote a blog. Diane and I have been terribly busy trying to get ourselves organized. In the three weeks since the wedding, we've gone to visit my grandparents in Rimbey, moved Diane's stuff out of her old apartment, and handled all kinds of little details concerning moving to Ireland. I'm writing this on the plane on the way to Las Vegas. My research group is taking our computer program, Polaris, down to the World Series of Poker Expo. We're going to pit it against several top-notch poker professionals in an attempt to show how strong our program really is. The competition runs July 3-6th at the Rio hotel and casino if you just happen to be in the area ;-). If not, you can follow our progress on the match website here.

After the competition, it's relaxing time for us. Diane and I and a few of the members of the poker research group are going to stick around in Vegas for a few days. On the 10th, Diane and I split from the rest of the group to start our honeymoon. We're headed to San Diego from Vegas via Salt Lake City. After that silly looking flight we'll spend a day or two there and then board our cruise ship bound for Baja Mexico.

We're quite excited about the whole thing! It'll be good to get a break. We've been putting in some pretty long days in the past few weeks between work and moving Diane's stuff, and trying to organize what we need for Ireland. We're quite looking forward to getting some R&R time.

Before we get on the cruise ship, I'll try and make sure to have some relatively frequent updates to the blog. No promises, but I'm gonna try!

We just got into our room so I posted this and now I'm going to go pursue food.