The wedding is coming up very quickly now! We're now a month and a few days away from the big date, and there's still lots of little details to nail down. One of the things that we need is volunteers to do setup and takedown of the hall. If you're interested in helping out, please let one of us know soon so we can give you a task. // Diane's comments follow

Also, does anyone want to usher or possibly babysit a video camera?  I have made a list of tasks and descriptions that you can look through and decide from the available jobs what you would prefer if you decide to give the gift of helping our big day run smoothly, kind of like a little registry for volunteering.  This would make a very good gift!!

// Aaand back to Morgan

We've been asked by a few people what we'd like for gifts. We're just starting to send the word out that I've been hired by a company in Dublin to start working over there starting August 1st. That means that we're not going to need a lot of "stuff" since we're going to have to be pretty choosy about what we bring with us to Europe.

For those that would like to get us physical things, we've setup small registries at The Bay, and Linens-n-Things. However, the traditional wedding gift for Chinese weddings is cash. If you would like to go along with this, then that's a perfectly good solution too.

We thought about trying to setup a travel registry for our honeymoon, but we heard that many travel registries take a percentage cut of that which didn't really seem fair.

The wedding is in just over a month. If you haven't returned your RSVP cards yet, please do that soon! We'll start bugging people about that soon so that we know if we have enough space to invite a few more people.

Happy spring everyone!