NHL Playoff Predictor 2013 - Round 4

Boston had a much easier time with the Penguins in the East than I think most people were expecting. Pretty crazy that they got the sweep!

Pittsburgh 0.642 0.305
Boston 0.358 0.125

Chicago0.769 0.490
Los Angeles0.231 0.080

The predictor goes 1/2 that round bringing the overall record this playoffs to 11/14. Just one more series to predict!

Boston 0.285

These two teams have apparently not met in the stanley cup finals before in the history of the NHL, despite both being original six teams. Seems fairly incredible. At any rate, Chicago is heavily favoured, of course, but who knows? Boston could just as easily win 4 in a row and take down another cup. Either way, we've got a recent cup winner going to win again. Now if only the Oilers would start winning someday soon ...