NHL Playoff Predictor 2012 Round 4

Well here we are, back to the stanley cup playoffs. The LA kings walked all over Phoenix en route to a very impressive cup-run. They are looking like the favourites in most people's books to take down New Jersey. The Rangers had a lot of trouble with the Devils, and ultimately couldn't prevail.

NY Rangers 0.601 0.370
New Jersey 0.399 0.206

Phoenix0.478 0.196
Los Angeles0.522 0.228

So the predictor sits at a 7/14 going into the final round. What does it like for the stanley cup final?

New Jersey 0.506
Los Angeles 0.494

Hmm. So very close. Given the way that LA got there, I'd have to give them the nod as the favourite. But this should be a very interesting playoff series. Too bad I'm going to have trouble watching them. All the games have been scheduled at 8pm eastern, which is 1am in my current place of residence. So maybe one of the weekend games I'll get a chance to watch.