NHL Playoff Predictor 2011 Round 4

Well that was a fun round. Dwayne Roloson and the Tampa Bay Lightning very nearly toppled Boston. It was a pretty sick run for that team. Vancouver kind of waltzed past the San Jose, although it was a pretty hard fought series. Here's how the predictor did for this round:

Boston_Bruins 0.718 0.315
Tampa_Bay_Lightning 0.282 0.066

Vancouver_Canucks 0.707 0.480
San_Jose_Sharks 0.293 0.139

The predictor goes 2/2 this round, for an overall record of 11/14.

Boston_Bruins 0.377
Vancouver_Canucks 0.623

The predictor likes Vancouver, and I wouldn't mind seeing the cup come back to Canada. As an Oiler fan it is a bit painful to see the Canucks succeed ... but I guess I couldn't begrudge them winning their first cup. I'm a bit conflicted though -- I entered a playoff pool and have in that Boston to beat Vancouver. If that happens, I win the 126 entrant for-bragging-rights pool. So I guess the series is win-win for me. I'm looking forward to watching the matches from Canada!