NHL Playoff Predictor 2011 Round 3

Well the 2nd round was almost totally lame compared to the first round as many of the series looked like they were going to be short one-sided affairs. But the Western matchups were made into series as both Nashville and Detroit put up good fights before finally bowing out. Here's a look at how the predictor did for this round:

Washington_Capitals 0.610 0.260 0.100
Philadelphia_Flyers 0.407 0.232 0.093
Boston_Bruins 0.593 0.386 0.188
Tampa_Bay_Lightning 0.390 0.123 0.034

Vancouver_Canucks 0.726 0.535 0.371
San_Jose_Sharks 0.585 0.210 0.103
Detroit_Red_Wings 0.415 0.118 0.048
Nashville_Predators 0.274 0.137 0.063

3/4 is a pretty good record, with the only miss being Tampa Bay.  The predictor goes 9 for 12 overall so far. San Jose nearly coughed up a 3-0 series lead but held on, but really the story was Dwayne Roloson's continued playoff excellence. That guy is 40 years old and playing absolutely briliantly!

What's up for the next round? Well:

Boston_Bruins 0.718 0.315
Tampa_Bay_Lightning 0.282 0.066

Vancouver_Canucks 0.707 0.480
San_Jose_Sharks 0.293 0.139

Vancouver and Boston are heavy favourites to meet in the stanely cup finals. But you never know -- both the lightning and the sharks have strong teams and the matchups will be very interesting.