NHL Playoff Predictor 09-10 Round 4

Alas, the Montreal Canadiens couldn't keep the magic alive. So instead, it is the seventh seed Flyers that make it to the cup final against the Chicago Blackhawks. The Hawks looked mighty strong against a strong Sharks team, and there's probably no surprise which of the Hawks and Flyers it likes better. But first, here's a review of the last round:

Philadelphia_Flyers 0.576 0.180
Montreal_Canadiens 0.424 0.106

San_Jose_Sharks 0.441 0.303
Chicago_Blackhawks 0.559 0.411

The predictor goes 2/2 this round making it 9/14 overall. Not a bad recovery after a topsy turvy first round!

The Stanley cup final starts on Saturday, and unfortunately for me, the games all start late -- probably too late for me to watch any of them live. Oh wells. At any rate, here's what the predictor says about the final:

Philadelphia_Flyers 0.287
Chicago_Blackhawks 0.713

No surprise, really. It might be an exciting series though...