NHL Playoff Predictor 08-09 Round 4

Alright, one more go for the predictor! Pittsburgh_Penguins 0.547 0.214 Carolina_Hurricanes 0.453 0.158

Detroit_Red_Wings 0.488 0.305
Chicago_Blackhawks 0.512 0.322

1 for 2 on the conference finals... Pittsburgh, as expected, took it down, and the Hawks really didn't give the wings any trouble -- despite several games going to overtime. It didn't look to me like the Hawks had a shot at all in the games that I did watch. Oh well, guess I can't get 'em all right. The predictor is sitting at 8/14 with one series to go. How does the last round stack up?

Pittsburgh_Penguins 0.396
Detroit_Red_Wings 0.604

It's really hard not to bet on the Wings. They've been so dominant for so long. But the penguins are going to give them a harder time than last year, I expect. It should be a great series, at any rate!