Poker Academy Launches Poker Prospector

Well our friends at Biotools (creators of Poker Academy) have just announced their new product: Prospector. It's a hand history analysis tool that goes well and above what Poker Tracker does. A better interface, more efficient, and better in quite a few ways. I've been beta testing the product for a little while, and Prospector really is quite impressive. A lot of the annoyances I've had with poker tracker just don't exist with Prospector. Efficiency is probably the biggest one. PT is really quite slow when it comes down to it. Prospector feels much faster when importing hands and moving around the interface. Not to mention that it's prettier! There is one component missing that I would really like to see ... and that's being able to show HUD stats on the tables. I'm hoping that this functionality will be available in prospector soon -- but in the meantime, you should check it out!