Busy Weekend

This weekend was pretty busy. On Saturday, Diane and I attended the Slovenian association of Edmonton's Hunters Ball. Her dad has some clients who are members so gets invited every year - so Diane and I joined her parents to take in the most excellent food along with some lively dancing. We went to one other event the Slovenian association put on last year, and their dances are characterized by Polkas and some very fast waltzes (I can only imagine doing a Viennese Waltz to it). And unlike some dances I've been to - there sure was a lot of people who were willing to dance! The floor was crowded with people on just about every dance. This time around, however, there were a few other songs to which Diane and I couldn't really figure out what to dance to. We did get one Cha-cha in, which was pretty fun. We left a little early, hitching a ride from Diane's dad who dropped us off at my roommate's birthday party which was in progress at our place. Mike had a pretty eventful day. The group of them went down to WEM to try shooting some handguns at the Wild West shooting range. It sounds like they had a lot of fun. After the event, however, Mike was unable to find his car! Turns out someone stole it!!! Yeah, seriously. So, with his car missing, he managed to get a ride back to our place (after notifying the authorities of course) and everyone continued the party. One of our friends got here early so went to DQ to pick up a cake. Somehow, they managed to put together this gem of a cake:


So ... between the cake and having his friends around him, Mike's doing okay. Still, having his car stolen really sucks. Here in Alberta, the recovery rate for stolen vehicles is 75% (apparently), so there's a decent chance he'll get it back in some form or another. So hopefully it turns up.

On Sunday, I spent most of the day relaxing around my place. In the evening, I joined Diane and some other friends at a gym night we've been going to whenever we've got the chance. One of our friends managed to get a really good deal on renting some gym space every week -- so we go and play sports and board games for a few hours. It has been really fun - and good for me to get some exercise (which is admittedly a bit lacking lately).

Today I had a pretty productive day at work, and then joined some more friends for dinner at BPs. Now it is time for bed. Hope everyone had a good weekend!