Thesis Quest

Yesterday I finally completed Thesis Quest -- that being the running around doing all the necessary paperwork and errands necessary to submit my thesis and be finished for this semester! Here's what I had to do:

  1. Pick up printed thesis from the printers.
  2. Take signature sheets and get signatures from the 3 members of my thesis committee. Two of them are in CS, but one is a little walk away in Education.
  3. Put theses together, ensure all pages are there, in order, and are in the correct orientation (I found a couple pages upside down!).
  4. Take theses to FGSR where they are inspected. Fill out forms at FGSR.
  5. Take a form up to financial services to pay microfilming fee
  6. Take theses across campus to the Tory building for binding. Fill out more paperwork and spend more money. Estimated binding time: 12 weeks.
  7. Return form to FGSR. In my case, go by CS to print out the CV that I forgot to bring with me in the first place.
  8. Relax!

I had 15 minutes to run to do the bindery part of the quest before they closed. Thankfully I got there in time so I was able to finish yesterday. Hooray! So now, after a few hundred dollars in printing fees, bindery fees, and tuition/microfilming fees, I am now ready to be graduated in June! Hooray!

It looks like I'll be working for Jonathan for 6 months or so starting in February. It'll be pretty nice to not worry about schooling and just work a fairly normal 9-5 sort of thing. The trick will be getting myself back into a routine I haven't done in several months. We'll have to see how that goes!