Happy New Year

Well we've now reached 2007. For some reason, it doesn't feel any different ... then again, that's what I usually say for most milestones. Diane and I hit two of the several parties we could have attended. I was hoping to hit another, but we didn't have time. It is a shame that we couldn't spend the evening with all of our friends, but it was still fun. We ended up at a party that was held at a community hall - there was games and music and fun to be had be all.

Speaking of milestones, today marks the 3rd anniversary for Diane and I since we started officially dating. To be honest, it is surprising just how fast time has gone by. Three years is a long time, but it feels like a very short time in many ways. It has been a wonderful time and hopefully we continue to add more good years to our memories!

I hope everyone has a great 2007!