Adventures on the way Home

Well the last day in New York really wasn't all that eventful from a sightseeing perspective. We all slept in, which I was grateful for since I was still feeling pretty sick. We were actually woken up by housekeeping at 9:30 reminding us we needed to check out by 11:00. Bleah. We finally got up and checked out, leaving our bags for $2 a person at the front desk. We stopped for brunch at the cafe/deli we've been stopping at every day since we found it. We had some NY style pizza again, and then headed down to central park to wander around for a little while before we made our way to the airport. Central park is pretty cool - we walked all around the reservoir which is a big lake in the middle of central park.

After making the circuit we walked back and retrieved our bags and made for the bus. Mike S had previously found a bus that was only 10 short blocks (NY city blocks are short across the streets, but long across the avenues) away that would take us straight to the airport. So we walked there and caught the bus right away which was pretty sweet. It was a pretty long bus ride, but finally we arrived at La Guardia airport.

We had a mixup at the frontdesk when we checked our bags. The guy asked me if I wanted to get on the earlier flight out of NY with the added note that a thunderstorm moving in might make it hard for our flight to take off. I asked him if he had 4 spots for all four of us in our group, and he said yes. So we said do it! The problem happened when Nolan went to get his boarding pass changed ... the guy ended putting him on the standby list! Woops ...

Turns out Nolan never got on our new flight. But the story continues. We boarded our flight a bit late, but figured we wouldn't have a problem connecting in Toronto because we had a 3 hour layover. Well the stormy weather was already playing havoc with planes getting off the ground, so we ended up waiting on the runway for almost 3 hours! Nolan's plane got off the ground just after ours and we arrived in Toronto abou the same time. Funnier yet, since Nolan didn't check any bags, he was able to make the connection whereas the rest of us were rescheduled since our bags had no way of making it from the customs to the connecting flight. *sigh*. So ironically, 3 of us left before Nolan, but Nolan was the one who got into Edmonton first!

Anyways, it is good to be home. I've spent some time cleaning stuff up around the house and I'll probably do more of that tomorrow before I head to a family BBQ. I'm very glad to be out of the humidity of the East coast and back to Edmonton weather - though I'm told that it was really hot while we were gone!