Another day in New York

Well, New York is really overwhelming. Still, its cool to get to see some stuff, so we slept in a little later today because we were all pretty tired from our rather full day the day before. After we finally got going, we headed out for a quick brunch before heading to the United Nations. We got there just in time before a large group of people and took the tour, which was actually really cool. The tour guide was super awesome and the subject was interesting. The UN is a very neat building, and its cool to see all the different countries and how they interact in the UN.

Along the way to the UN, we saw the Chrysler building, which was reportedly the tallest building in NYC for a short while before the Empire State building claimed the title. More picture-ness!

We hurried back to the ticket office to see if we could get cheap tickets to the spamelot show, but apparently these weren't available. I guess the show is selling out regularly so they don't need to sell cheap tickets for it. Mike and I decided to pay full price for these seats. I figure we might as well check out a broadway show while we're here ... so we're gonna go. The other Mike (J) and Nolan will head out on their own to see things of their choice. We'll reconvene after the show (its a matinee) and hopefully have something super exciting to see! (more about that tomorrow, I don't want to jinx it).

After looking at tickets, we walked up 5th avenue to the Apple store and FAO Schwartz ... two big toy stores right next to each other (in fact, on the same block). The Apple store is a pretty awesome sight - the entire store is below street level with the only part that is visible being a big glass cube with an elevator and stairs decending into the center of the store. Only Apple, I tell you! Right beside it, FAO is a huge toy store for kids with multiple levels of toys and games and other fun things. The scale of this place is incredible! So many crazy things of any price (there's of course the big foot piano on the upper level that the price tag states a quarter of a million dollars ... heh). The extravagance of it all blows my mind!

We were getting hungry so our next stop was dinner at a quaint restaurant called Burgers and Cupcakes. Mike S had picked this place out as a place to go so we did indeed head there. Its one of these concept restaurants that kind of appeals to particular people. We had some fun with the restuarant. They even gave us free cupcakes ... because we followed the instructions on the sign in the window saying "Free cupcakes if you tell us you hate Bush". Easily done!

After dinner Mike S, Nolan and I went on to try out a comedy club - which turned out to be pretty fun ... and there's a little more to the story I think I'll share tomorrow once I figure out whether we've succeeded or not. Yes, I'm being all secretive here. Its a good story, just let me finish it up tomorrow!

So that was the day today - not nearly as full as yesterday, but still enjoyable. Unfortuantely, I'm coming down with a cold, so I've got to get some sleep before Spamelot tomorrow afternoon!

So on that note, to bed I go!