I was talking to one of my friends this week and we both agreed that the last week or two have been pretty surreal. For me, doubly so! The Edmonton Oilers are just one win away from making the Stanely cup final for the first time since 1990. That's a really long time ... long enough that I can barely remember sitting up "late" with my dad watching the games. At that point, I really didn't know what it meant since I was only seven years old. The last time I really was cheering for a team in the stanley cup final was 1993 when the Montreal Canadiens (for some reason, it is my favourite eastern conference team) won the cup. So a good 13 years later, and Edmonton is on the verge of getting back there!

The other reason I'm getting this surreal feeling is I leave for Italy at 2:00pm tonight! I'm there for about a week for a computers and games conference. Our hex program will be competing in the olympiad, so we're really excited about that. At this point, I don't think it has quite hit home yet that I'll be in a country a half a world away from home. Its only for a week ... but I haven't been that far from home before. At the same time, its really exciting to go see a new place for awhile - and I can't wait to see what I can take pictures of with my new camera!!!!