Paper weekend

Well, I was supposed to be skiing this weekend. Supposed to be. The 24th Parkallen scouts have their annual ski trip on the family day long weekend every year. It was a blast last year and I was quite looking forward to going out this year. Unfortunately for skiing, I had to stay in town this weekend because ... I'm working on a research paper! Five of us from the poker group are preparing a paper for one of the top-notch AI conferences, AAAI. If it should be accepted, I'll have my fourth publication with a likely fifth coming later in the year.

So while I'm upset that I can't go skiing, I can't really be too upset. This paper means a lot more to my resume and career than one skiing trip will. Still, I wish I was out in Jasper with my sweety! Instead, I get to slave away collecting results and writing parts of the results section. Fun!

Heraldk Oh yeah, and I celebrated my 23rd birthday yesterday. w00t.