Lets take a moment shall we and discuss politics? Normally I wouldn't do this, but the latest outbreak on the federal politics stage has *me* fuming ... and I don't even live in the riding in question!

I'm sure you've all heard by now about Mr Emerson crossing the floor from liberal to conservative to accept a cabinet position. He did this before the parliment even sat ONCE!

Frankly, I don't agree with the idea of MPs changing parties. If you're an elected official in the Canadian government, then you were elected because the constiuents in your riding decided that they like you and the party platform you were representing. When someone crosses the floor, they are dropping the platform they were voted in on and picking up a different platform that is likely very different!

Now, under extenuating circumstances, there may be a case where the MP thinks that his constituents no longer fall into the same platform as the party they belong to. But Emerson hadn't even sat down in the house of commons yet to see anything like this! He was purely drawn for the cabinet position being offered.

He's arguing that he gives his riding more of a voice by taking this position. The trouble is - what sort of voice is that? Is he going to push liberal platform choices on the cabinet? Or has he adopted the conservative platform? Because I'm sure his constituents are going to be really happy about that!


But what really gets me is not just that he had the audacity to make this move. He also claims that he's surprised that people are outraged at it! Come on now, what did you really expect? Cheers from the masses? Riiiight.

It makes me shake my head.