Guitar Hero

My roommate ordered the PS2 game guitar hero last week and it arrived last night. Excited, he went home to his parent's place (where it was delivered) and returned to our place and we promptly set it up and started playing. For those who haven't heard of it, its a game where you have these guitar shaped controllers and you basically play DDR, but with a guitar instead of hitting arrows on a dance pad. There are five buttons for frets on the guitar, and you have to hold the button down while strumming on the switch where you'd normally strum on a guitar. You also get a whammy bar for more fun.

Not convinced this would be fun? Well neither was I until we started playing last night. It was really surprisingly fun. Not only that, its *hard* when you get into the late "normal" difficulty levels and even harder when you start the "hard" difficulty levels!

There's so much fun stuff to do! I haven't played poker online in about a week, which is a little odd for me. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get back to completing my full tilt deposit bonus any day :)