Mark’s Bday

Last night was Mark's birthday so of course we had to celebrate! His plan was to go down to the Melting Pot, but when we arrived we realized it was closed (and being replaced ... alas I will not be able to taste their ginger beef which was apparently really really good). So instead, we wandered down to Chianti's for cheap pasta Tuesday. Really, I think its one of the best deals in town ... the food is really good and it doesn't cost very much - $6.99 a plate. After dinner we wandered across the street to Chapters to let dinner settle before dessert. After Nolan finally got decided what he was buying, we went the the Marble Slab ice cream shop for dessert.

Haven't heard of the slab? Goodness, let me fill you in. The marble slab is an awesome ice cream shop - they make all their flavours in house. You choose a flavour like you would normally do at any other ice cream place, but then you also choose candy (like coffee crisp, crispy cruch, skor, smarties, chocolate chips), or fruit, or nuts. They then take your choices and mix them together on a big marble slab and then slide it into a waffle cone. It is fantastic ... and even though its a tad pricey, its certainly worth it.

Anyways, tonight Diane and I are going to see the Great Pretenors - a fringe holdover that Diane really wanted to see but couldn't get tickets because they sold out too fast. So I'm going to that, and then on to the CSGSA games night! Fun!