Condo Papers go to Land Titles

Well, the lawyer called on Wednesday morning asking me and my dad to come in and sign some paperwork for the transfering of the land title to my name. He also needed the money for the downpayment in the form of a bank draft. This set off a quick flurry of activity to get the funds in place so that we could order the bank draft as soon as possible. The trouble was that if we didn't get the bank draft in to him as soon as we could then there was the possibility that the papers wouldn't get through land titles in time meaning the money from the bank wouldn't come in time and thus meaning I would have to pay rent to the owners of the condo at a rate of $24 a day. Ewwww. That stuff is all settled now, and now I'm just packing boxes in preparation of the big move! I'm really getting excited now :)