Whose Line in Edmonton!

For awhile, the only TV show I watched was the improv show "Whose line is it anyway?" that generally promised a great deal of amusement put into a half hour TV show. So when my friend Kepi told me he had an extra ticket to cast of whose line coming to Edmonton, I jumped at the opportunity. Its really cool to see these guys live after seeing so many episodes of whose line on TV. The entire cast was there except for Wayne Brady and Drew Carey. The evening was fast paced and its really difficult to remember any of the specific jokes that were the funniest. Perhaps the most amazing point in the evening was the last game before the encore where they did the "greatest hits" game. The songs were a lot longer than the ones on the show in part because there were three singers this time around. The amazing thing was that the songs they sang could probably have been recorded and passed off as the real thing. They certainly are good at making stuff up on the spot!

So it was a very lovely evening and I quite enjoyed it. I haven't laughed for two hours for awhile now so that was nice :)