Star Wars Episode III

Last night I was able to go see the new star wars movie as part of Nolan's birthday gathering. The critics generally agreed that this movie restored some of the former glory to the star wars franchise. Episode one was terrible, and episode two was better but still not as good as the classics. Now that I have seen the movie I'm not too sure how much I enjoyed it. My overall impression though was that the movie very smoothly made the transition from the end of episode two to the start of episode four. My problem is that this transition was almost too smooth. The movie hits all the points along the way, but there are no surprises along the way. I got the feeling that many of the events in the movie happened "because they had to" rather than for the value of that particular scene.

So while the movie was a nice close to the series, I was overal kind of unimpressed with the movie. Perhaps the problem is that we all know what has to happen to get us to the proper place for episode four... but still, I felt that the movie was missing some excitement that could've been there.

Anyways, that's what I thought.