Esks Win!

What a wild weekend. Friday night was a pretty calm night as I pretty much just stayed home and watched the hockey game (an exciting game between the oilers and flames ending in a shootout Oiler win... yay!). I also won another $75 player poker that night. Full tilt has been an awesome room for me this week.

Saturday morning I had to be up to get to first aid training. I needed a recertification, so this was the second of two training sessions. Thankfully, its over now - the course definitely isn't all that exciting. The best parts were laughing at the acting jobs of the people in the St John's ambulance videos. Some of their "painful groans" were really funny.

Saturday evening my parent's had Diane and I over for dinner - an offer I couldn't refuse. One of our family friends was up from Calgary and so her and my mom and my sister all went to the Opera that night after dinner. Elizabeth got a chance to see my condo on the way and she seemed pretty impressed :)

Diane and I spent the evening together. We had intended on going to see Harry Potter, but ended up missing the show we wanted to see so we just hung out. Its pretty wonderful to spend an evening with my sweetheart :)

Sunday was crazy busy. Elizabeth, mom, Diane and I all went to the UofA mixed chorus dress rehearsal for their yearly Christmas concert. I understand its tradition that they put on a show at Strathearn United Church every year before the actual concert at the winspear. It was pretty cool to watch. Then, we wandered down to Rutherford house where we had a lovely little lunch.

After that, Diane and I parted ways with the rest of the group and went south to join Leanne and Jon's grey cup party. It was a pretty intense game and there were many moments where we were on the edge of our seats hoping that the esks could come back. Next year's grey cup has little chance of being this exciting!!

Afterwards we needed to leave so I could get the car home, but it was a very fun party and a super exciting game to watch. I'm still amazed at how it all turned out!

All in all, a busy weekend. Now I'm tired and need to sleep :) But I have to get through today first!